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We Train Individuals to Become FULL-STACK Engineers...
With Our Proven 3 Step Process.

Basic Training

1. Network Engineer

  • Plan out a path in Network Engineering, and learn the skills needed to become job-ready! To begin, you will dissect the IT Industry, learn the available career options and build your career plan. You will then be guided through the most important foundational concepts and technical skills necessary to get started with full stack networking. Get ready to skyrocket through the IT Industry and become a rockstar engineer!

2. Full-Stack Network Associate (FSNA)

  • FSNE Basic Training students will configure and deploy a LAN with routing, switching, wireless, Voice over IP, and Security. Students lab configuration skills are checked to verify real-world skills. After passing the written exam and real-world skills check students are awarded the Full Stack Network Associate Basic Certification. The goal is to obtain the FSNA Basic certification before moving on the Cisco CCNA studies.

3. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) 200-301

  • The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification is one of the strongest associate-level IT certifications in the world and proves your ability to install, configure, operate and troubleshoot enterprise networks and Cisco IOS. CCNA certified professionals understand the most core and fundamental technologies related to network engineering and are versed in the configuration and installation of Cisco routers and switches in a broad range of IT environments. In this course, students are presented with a series of premium instructional videos and hands-on labs that teach all the knowledge and skills needed to pass the 200-301 CCNA exam, obtain your CCNA certification, and get on your path to becoming a rockstar engineer!


1. Full Stack Networking Project

  • The Full Stack Networking Project is designed to provide an understanding of a complete HQ/Branch network and the project build-out process. Students will learn how to plan, design, and implement their own Full Stack Network with a headquarters location and two branch offices. This project is performed locally on the student's computer and all configurations are completed using the Cisco Packet Tracer network simulation software. Cisco Packet Tracer is available for free from the Cisco Networking Academy.

2. Cisco ASA Upgrade Project

  • This project is based on a very common deployment: installation of a new dedicated firewall in the network. In this case, we need a more advanced internet edge device to provide better site to site VPN capabilities and also telecommuter support with Remote Access VPN.

3. Co-Located Data Center Project

  • Another common extension of the network is to add a hot-site for disaster recovery and redundant network services. A Co-located Data Center will provide us redundancy in our infrastructure as well as our storage and server environments in the case of a disaster.

4. FSNP SQC Preparation Labs

  • Before performing the live Skills Qualification Check (SQC) to become certified as a Full Stack Network Associate, candidates will be provided with preparation labs and lab guides that will assist with reinforcement of all the concepts and skills that are checked during the live SQC.

5. FSNP Skills Qualification Check

  • During these final two weeks, all students are scheduled to perform their live SQC to verify skills. Upon successful completion, the candidate will be awarded the Full Stack Network Professional (FSNP) Certification. The time allotted for the SQC itself is 2 hours. This block of time includes scheduling for all students in the cohort to SQC, get feedback. coaching, and also graduation.

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